Work with me

If you’re reading this page, something has made you curious about the possibility of working with me.

That’s great.

Before we proceed, let’s make sure we’re a good fit.

I’m profoundly deaf, and communicate via face-to-face conversation (in person, or over a REALLY good Internet video connection), or via email/Slack.

Slack is my preferred means of communication as all conversation is kept in one area, all files shared are kept with the conversation, and there is no ambiguity.

Even when geography allows for face-to-face communication, Slack will be the master copy of our agreements and conversation.

The bonus of all this is: I REALLY pay attention. If my attention lapses, you know instantly.

Thanks to this, I pick up details that others would miss.

I’ll dig deeper into your why, and help you work out what you TRULY want from your project, whatever it may be.

People who usually work with me are ambitious solopreneurs, or entrepreneurs with a small team. You may be working alone for lifestyle reasons, or your team doesn’t yet have a full time software developer.

You value your working relationships, and would rather get it right first time, than have it done fast first time (and then right the second time around).

Usually, I’m asked to help with one of two things:

  1. To help fix one particular issue (what the issue is varies each time) that’s been bugging the solopreneur that’s done everything else on their website to date.
  2. To help a solopreneur that wants to upgrade their website from a content delivery system to a full entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Which suits you best?